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Oak Park Area Edible Gardening Cooperative


Become part of the growing community of local gardeners and land stewards whose purpose is to share, teach and promote edible gardening practices in parks, front yards, backyards, empty lots, parkways and roof tops. Let’s collaborate with village governments, businesses, schools, congregations, homeowners and apartment dwellers that have available arable land. Let’s combine our collective power to build a holistic gardening community.

This cooperative is an association of neighbors, friends, families that works in ways that will make our community more self-sustaining. To join, all that's required: You. Your ideas. Your efforts. Your desire to be involved in edible gardening. 

Here are just some of the numerous benefits from becoming part of the cooperative:


  • Knowledge & skills
  • Seeds
  • Land
  • Tools & supplies
  • Collective buying power

Learn about

  • Seed starting and saving
  • Native flower arranging
  • Landscape design
  • Composting
  • Canning
  • Keeping backyard livestock
  • Water conservation/mulching
  • Rain barrels placement
  • Drip irrigation techniques
  • Weed & pest control
  • Organic lawn care


  • Meeting neighbors, making new friends
  • Story sharing
  • Field trips
  • Harvest festivals
  • Potlucks