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Chicago, like urban areas across the country, is changing its relationship to food and the system that produces it. Today, more people want food produced and grown closer to where they live; they want to know its origin, who grew it, the quality of the soil it sprang from, how many miles it traveled to reach their tables. Food means health and health powers communities, families and individuals.

On the South Side, West Side, North Side and suburbs surrounding the city, people are sowing the seeds of transformation. They want to transform the food chain, the distribution system, the inputs and outputs. They are transforming their neighborhoods, claiming space for food production  one household, one block, one community garden, one backyard garden at a time. The apartment dweller, the high school student, the community organizer, the yogi, the working moms and dads, the retired grandmother are seeing what happens when a packet of vegetable seeds meets a small mound of soil. They're discovering how the sun and air and the soil affirm what it means to be alive, what can grow in a patches of land where derelict buildings once stood. They are realizing how their health, their community's health are tied to the quality of the food they eat.

Seeding Chicago has a passion for local food and a commitment to social justice. We believe that small efforts can lead to big changes. We see the Chicago region being a leader in this food/land renaissance as more people reach for a more sustainable way of life. People here are bursting with ideas and plans to change and improve how we grow and get our food.

The mission of Seeding Chicago is to bring you the stories of urban farmers, food producers and artisans, food activists and consumers. We're also here to be a resource for ideas and information and to introduce you to people just like you who are sowing and cultivating seeds of change.

Cassandra West | Founding Editor