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Stories on healthy, local food & people in and around Chicago

A passion for local food, a commitment to food justice.


 The Chicago area, in many ways, is leading the way in sustainable urban living. Innovative entrepreneurs, food activists, young farmers and culinary artisans are changing how we grow, get and eat food. The small efforts of many will  lead to big changes. We're here to tell their stories.


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Chicago, like urban areas across the country, is changing its relationship to food and the system that produces it. On the South Side, West Side and North Side, people are sowing the seeds of hope and change. They are transforming their neighborhoods — one household, one block, one community garden at a time.


Featured Stories

Chicago Botanic Garden Puts Local Focus on World Environment Day
For a global event that's been around since 1972, World Environment Day (WED) doesn't get much attention in these parts. This year's version came and went without the kind of local fanfare that usually surrounds events like Earth Day.

Oak Park Area Edible Gardening Cooperative Launches, Invites Members
Three Oak Park residents are launching the Oak Park Area Edible Gardening Cooperative to encourage and support others who are already participating in or want to become part of the burgeoning local food growing movement. 

Of Renewals, Seed Swaps and Mapping Urban Gardens in Chicago
As I look around, I see everything emerging — slowly — from a long winter. You know what that means. Yeah, we might we able to plant something outside soon. But in the meantime, seed swaps are happening all over. 

Have a Little Faith: Start a Garden
Growing the food that you eat is elemental. I’m not saying it’s elementary. It’s not. It takes a lot of elements coming together to get it right. Soil. Air. Water. Those elements. Seeds. Insects. The right temperature. Skill. Knowledge. Know how. Your hands. Those tools.